How to choose the right lotto

There are many lotteries to choose from. State lotteries which have a monopoly within the country are closest and easiest. But these give less money back to the players and also lower prizes.

That’s how it is when the controller and the owner are one and the same – the government. The whole point is to take advantage of the monopoly to get as much money as possible from the players.

Small sums are guaranteed if you are the sole winner. Apart from the fact that the sum is too small in the first place, you may not even be the only winner. So there you are with enough money to buy a Fiat Uno when you really should have become filthy rich and financially independent for the rest of your life. So many state lotteries are ruled out straight away.

We want to make it easy for ourselves so we play on the Internet. And there are a lot of lotteries to choose from out there. The problem is that nearly all foreign lotteries require you to play via a third party! That is, you give your money to someone else and that person is supposed to send the prize money to you if you win. Let's hope they send you your 15-20 million EURO.

Maybe this happens in fairy tales- men reality doesn’t work like that, do they? Well, if an agent in the USA takes your money you can’t even report them – only an American citizen can do that. How many "agents" are waiting around hoping that someone will win so that they can disappear with the prize money? Quite a few, I think. Never play in a foreign lottery through a third party.

Maybe you play through a bookmaker and think that it’s safe? I play professionally on sports part-time and have learned sure bets at and the start of my method at (you either win or get your money back)

I win all the time (you get my sports betting method for free at and really know bookmakers. I have begun calling most of them "pay-in only bookmakers" or "circus bookmakers". They harass winners by lowering their bets. On Sportingbet "Bookmaker of the year" I'm allowed to bet EURO 2. And for BlueSquare I can bet EURO 3. But I’ve stopped using a whole heap of them. Most of bookmakers should have a sign on their website with the text: Only Loosers are Welcome.

Other bookmakers are more or less bandits. Bets4all refused to pay out my winnings. Internet1X2 did the same thing. Vierklee, Play it, Goldbet and others have waited till I won, then cancelled the winning bet with reference to tiny details in the small print in the slave contract that everyone has to approve before being allowed to play. That is the reality with the majority of bookmakers (If you play on sport check the recommended one – Here which is the best – but remember that if you win a lot, 90% of them will hassle you.)

I would never trust a bookmaker as my agent if I won 20 MILLION EURO.

You must personally play directly with the lottery company without a middleman. There must be big money prizes and the company must be a serious one. The jackpot must be guaranteed. I checked out the entire market for my own sake and found that the Liechtenstein Lotto satisfies all of this.

The Jackpot is insured by Lloyd’s of London. You are guaranteed to get 20 million EURO even if someone won the jackpot last week, you will get your winnings – the insurance covers it.

Liechtenstein Lotto is owned by The International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation, a charity organisation which is under governmental control. Part of every stake, plus the foundation profit goes to the Red Cross. It feels worthwhile to me because for every line I play I actually also help someone and even save lives.

All the members’ (players’) money is in a separate account in the Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG -

Switzerland and Liechtenstein share a common currency, customs, post and a few other things. They also share bank laws, which means that the banks in Liechtenstein are amongst the best in the world, with full bank secrecy. Your playing money is in safe storage and if you win you can get help to invest the money in the best possible way.

You play via the Internet and simply pay with your credit card (there are several other ways of paying too). High winnings and returns start at 3 balls. A whole 60 % goes back to the players, compared to others lottos which actually retain 60 %.

Not only is the jackpot enormous, also around every 6th ticket wins. Because with 2 balls right, you win a free ticket for another draw.

It’s so easy to play and within a few seconds you can get randomly chosen lines ready to play for the next 50 weeks. You can even play the lotto system without all of the work of having to fill in a heap of forms by hand, their computer does all the work for you.

I’ve been playing for a few years and have won a few small prizes. The prize drawings can be seen on-line in real time on the website. These are then saved so you can see the drawing on your computer whenever you want. Your winning messages come as an email. All prize money is automatically put into your account.

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